Coco (Mewfoxgirl)

Coco is a reccuring Eddsworld female. This is her appearance in 'Fun Dead'.


Coco 'Mewfoxgirl'

Hair Color

Black (sometimes Dark Blue)

Shirt Color


First Appearance

Zombeh Attack

Last Appearance

Fun Dead (cameo)

Voice Actors

Various Singers, Mewfoxgirl


Does that make me CRAZY?

Voice Actors

Various Singers, Mewfoxgirl

Mewfoxgirl (aka Coco) has appeared as a background character in many of the Eddsworld flashes.


Coco makes cameo appearances in a lot of movies (mainly the Zombeh series), but had larger roles in Does that make her crazy? and Eddie's Teddy. She also had a speaking line in Eddsworld 20k and her name can be seen on Zanta's good list in Zanta Claws. Coco was a good friend of Edd's and still makes cameos today. Coco is also seen among the heads of Edds friends in Eddsworld: Legacy. She also appears in a commercial for ASDFland during the events of Fun Dead. She is once again wearing her cat ears.



  • Coco becomes a zombie often in the Zombeh trilogy. It is unknown if she only became a zombie once, or if she keeps becoming zombie for each episode she appears in. Either way, it is also unknown how she becomes/became a zombie.


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