A TV advert for Coca Cola With Bacon

Coca Cola With Bacon is a recurring joke in the Eddsworld series. It is Coca Cola, but with bacon added into it. Edd has seen it on TV's in the Eddsworld series.


  • This World of Edd: Edd is watching TV and bored. He later sees an advert for Coca Cola With Bacon. He walks to the store and buys it before realizing he is the only person on Earth and loses interest in the Coca Cola With Bacon. When arriving at the store, there isn't any Coca Cola with bacon.
  • WTFuture: While Edd, Tom, and Matt are running from Future Edd, Edd comes across a TV shop that is advertising Coca Cola With Bacon.
  • Fun Dead: Edd and Matt are watching a Bacon Cola commercial and a zombie is shown throwing at a can of Bacon Cola.
  • The End: In part 2, a diet version of this drink is mentioned in the store.


  • A domain named actually exists. but it's just an identical copy of Tom's website.
  • As of The End (Part 2), there is now Diet Cola with Bacon.
  • The American soda brand, Lester’s Fixins actually sells Bacon Soda