Edd's Lucky Can

Edd's Lucky Can

Coca Cola, often shortened to Coke and known simply as Cola in more recent eddisodes, is a recurring item seen throughout the series, serving as Edd's exaggerated addiction which also gives it a role in each Eddisode.

Known Consumers

Histories (alternate)

In WTFuture and Eddsworld Christmas Special 2005, the fate(s) of the product's company had disastrous consequences on Edd's life, where he attempted to spare himself from the future of a Coke-free life and where his non-existence would put the company out of business, respectively.


Role in Eddisodes

Coca Cola has been a subject of motivation in some but not all of Edd's journeys:

  • Eddsworld Christmas Special 2005: When Edd was informed about the course of the world around him if he never existed by his guardian angel, he responded vainly to the fact that the Coca Cola company would have shut down without the revenue from his purchases.
  • Zombeh Nation: Requesting to know why the gang should save a cornered Matt, Edd learned that he had the emergency coke.
  • This World of Edd: Coca Cola with Bacon distracts Edd from his surprise birthday location and causes him to think he's the last person on earth.
  • Zanta Claws 2: Edd's most wanted present happens to be a cola-filled pool. Defectively, the pool burned under the heating sun.
  • Xmas Day: For Christmas, Edd received discount Coke, much to his disgust.
  • WTFuture: In the far future, Coca Cola was outlawed as a drug globally. Wanting to rid of himself, Edd mastered time travel and traveled to present day to kill his past self with opposition from his friends' future selves. Moreover, it also confirmed Future Edd as Edd's futuristic counterpart as they both had Edd's Lucky Can.
  • PowerEdd: Cola serves a minor plot point as Numero Uno destroys the factory in Edd's local area causing him and Edd to fight.
  • In Saloonatics, Edward Gold is having trouble purging the town of Spitbucket, U.S.A. However, when he is given a drink of cola, he fixes it almost immediately due to its inspiring taste. Edward also uses cola in this way to save Prince Matthew from the bandits.

Coca Cola Appearances (Easter Eggs)

Coca Cola cans are seen lying around with no significant role in the following Eddisodes: