Clones are exact copies of the main characters.

They debuted in Spares. In the episode, the evil director, Bing, clones Edd, Tom, Tord, and Matt so that he can make some profit off of his his new film, The Big Named Monster. They look exactly the same as the four, wear the same clothes and even have the same addictions and personalities, if not exaggerated aspects of them. For example, the Tord clones all seem to be trigger-happy and all the Edd clones share Edd's addiction to coke. Edd called them "hideous, disgusting, fish-faced demon spawn". Matt corrected him, calling them "clones", before Edd told him that's what he meant.


The Clones were created from the DNA left on the group's cinema seats and put together on an assembly line, with the eyeballs being removed for the Tom clones, toasters used for Edd clones' brains, the heads being remoulded for the Matt and Tord clones, and so on and so forth. All imperfect clones were dumped into reject rooms.

The clones then watched the evil director's new film, but afterwards they left the cinema, forcing the evil director and Larry to try and track them down to get them back.

At first they went to the arcade, where a Tord clone started going trigger-happy on nearly every single game. Eventually the clones gathered an enormous pile of tickets, but it only cashed in for a rubbish prize (a small plastic shark keyring). Enraged, they set the arcade on fire.

Later they decide to go home. All the Edd clones have left a trail of Coke cans, enabling the director and Larry to follow them. They then flood Edd's house and drink all his coke, prompting him to murder their leader, an Edd clone, with a shotgun. The clones attack and almost kill Edd, but Matt (with a golf club), Tom (with a baseball bat) and Tord (armed with an AK-47) arrive to save him, and they murder all of the clones in the house.

The Evil Director theorises that the clones have gone into the sewers to live, breed, multiply and form a civilisation where they would gain superpowers from the raw sewage, so they could enslave the human race in a thousand years time, only to be proven wrong when he's hit by one sent flying out of Edd's house.

Notable Individuals

Clone Information
Edd Clone
Edd clone
He serves as the leader of the clone army, taking them to the arcade and to Edd's house. He is the first clone to die, being shot and killed by the real Edd after taking his last Coke.
Naked Edd Clone
Naked clone
He is a clone "reject" that, despite his lack of clothes, wasn't probably disposed of and somehow left to wander around the public. His whereabouts today are unknown.
Rejected Tom Clone
Tom clone 1
A Tom clone is rejected since he didn't understand one of the Evil Director's jokes, and promptly gets put to Room 64.
Feminine Tom Clones
Tom clone 2
Two more Tom clones are completely feminine, offering girly choices like shoe or kitten shopping. Both have attempted to take their earlier choices back, but are promptly tossed aside in a dumpster.
Matt Clone
This Matt clone has managed to survive the massacre, and the gang can't tell them apart, so they dump Tom and let the Matt clone take his place.

He allegedly appears again in Movie Makers in the cover of Matt's sex tape, named "Matt on Matt Action", as well as a cassette named "Matt on Matt Anthems" in Hammer and Fail, showing that he survived long enough to complete both.

Where's Wally/Waldo Matt Clone
Matt wally
He's a Matt clone sporting Wally/Waldo's trademark red-and-white beanie and glasses. His whereabouts today are unknown.
Realistic Matt Clone
Real matt
A Room 64 reject. A photo of the real Matt (circa 2008) is in place of this clone's head. The way he talks is animated similarly to Saddam Hussein and the Canadians in South Park.
Trigger-Happy Tord Clone
Clone tord
A much more violent clone of Tord. He uses guns instead of using the arcade machines properly; he shoots a punching bag instead of punching it, and doesn't use the light gun controller. His whereabouts today are unknown.
Scribble Tom Clone
Tom clone
A Room 64 reject of Tom, who is drawn much more haphazardly than the regular Tom. He  doesn't move at all.
Fusion Clone (nicknamed "Tomatoredd")
Matt clone
A Room 64 reject. He is the entire gang shoved into one clone, with one eye (Edd/Matt/Tord/Tom), orange hair (Matt/Edd), a blue hoodie with green and purple sleeves (Edd/Tom/Matt), pants that are half blue, half khaki (Matt/Edd); and grey and black shoes (Tord/Matt).

This clone was nicknamed "Tomatoredd" by the fans.

Broken Tord Clone (nicknamed "Torm")
Tord clone
A Room 64 reject. Similar to "Tomatoredd", but more reasonable. He's a Tord clone with Tom's eyes, Matt's chin and pants and Edd's hair. He's shown shorter than the other clones, but it's just believed to be an animation mistake.
Blank Clone
A clone template as seen at the intro of Spares, which is used to create all the other clones.

Its features are a bald, circular head, dull clothing and blank eyes.

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