Climate Change is an Eddisode in the form of a PSA (public service announcement) made in 2009. It features Edd, Tom and Matt saving the world by stopping a giant tsunami that they caused to happen through their overuse of electricity. This episode was made for the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to promote awareness of climate change.


Edd is at his house reclining on a couch with several electric fans surrounding him and several electronic devices. Tom attempts to plug something in, but all the outlets have plugs. Tom tries to explain that overuse of electricity would accelerate global warming, but Edd refuses to believe him.

Meanwhile, at the power plant, the electrometer has gone through the red zone. One worker points this out, but his co-worker doesn't care. Just then, a tuft of greenhouse gas emits from the exhaust vent and travels to the Arctic where already, other clouds of greenhouse gas are floating around. A chunk of ice breaks off and falls into the ocean, producing a giant tsunami.

Back at Edd's house, all the TVs Edd is watching lose their reception. Matt hears rumbling, and Edd, Tom and Matt rush outside. Edd, thinking Tom was referring to Dom, doesn't believe him. Tom grabs Edd's head and tilts it to look at the tsunami tearing through London.

Tom quickly convinces Edd to unplug all the electric devices before it's too late. Edd rushes inside to unplug everything while Tom stays outside doing wacky things in the face of the tsunami, such as ordering pizza, looking at the wave with 3-D glasses, and playing hide and seek with the tsunami. Edd finally pulls the last plug, and the tsunami stops just millimetres from destroying the house. Edd walks outside. The tsunami goes backwards through London and repairs all the damage it caused.

Tom then tells the gang (and possibly the audience) to stop overusing electricity, "because if we don't we are ALL. GOING. TO. DIE." They slide back inside and a rainbow arches their house. A bystander criticises what he just witnessed, but is interrupted by the sight of another tsunami.


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  • Paul makes a cameo appearance as one of the electricians working at the power plant.
  • This is the first episode where the gang's hoodies had drawstrings instead of lines.
  • When Tom starts to explain about overuse of electricity, there's a picture of Shoe behind him.
  • When the camera goes through the wall you can see green, purple, blue and red wires, the same colours as Edd, Matt, Tom and Tord's respective hoodies.
  • Earlier in the flash, Matt can be seen reading a newspaper that says "Plugin Here" and "Now with more electricity."
  • The electricians working at the power plant wear the same uniforms as Mario and Luigi from The Super Mario Bros Super Show.
  • Some of the TVs say "Oh my god the news is bad oh man its really bad seriously oh my god."
  • Below the Electrometer it says "Yes they exist now."
  • Tom makes a really intelligent explanation about the consequences of using a lot of electricity by saying: "Well, if we keep using this much electricity then the power plants provided will have to work overtime, which will result in the production of excess of greenhouse gases which will travel to the poles to boil them and melt them, which will cause the water level to rise, which will result in extreme climate changes that will cause the world to both overheat and flood simultaneously."
  • This is one of the few Eddisodes that isn't in Eddsworld's YouTube account.
  • As the scene transitions to the power line, there's a sign that says "blatant tree."
  • This is the second eddisode that wasn't uploaded to Newgrounds.
  • This episode was used at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
  • When telling Edd to turn everything off, Tom has hypno eyes.
  • Matt rarely talks in this Eddisode due to a lack of screentime.
  • The Eat@Joe's sign is a reference to the 1995 PS1, PC and Sega Saturn game Rayman, notably the Eat at Joe's level. The neon sign shows up again in WTFuture.
  • Because of the plot, the episode was shown and Edd and Tom were interviewed on BBC News.
  • In the announcement for the episode, a clip of Matt doing a (terrifying) hula dance was shown. 

    We dare you not to look at this.

  • Tom has an excessive amount of lines in this eddisode, and is almost constantly talking.

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