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Christopher Bingham, also known as Chris Bingham or simply Bing, is a voice actor, director and producer. He provided his voice for his own character, also known as the Evil Director, in "Spares" and "Zanta Claws III," and more. He also made a cameo in the episode, "Tom's Tales of Awesome ".

He is the son of Steve Bingham, and the brother of Jennifer Bingham, who was Tom's girlfriend. In Tom's video about how he and Jenny started dating, someone referred to as "The Destroyer" spoke to Bing after Tom told them about the feelings he had for Jenny. During the Cakebomb era, Mina, a member of Cakebomb, had a header picture called 'Mina, Destroyer of Worlds' which may be the person who Tom is referring to.

As of recent, many fans have questioned as to why Bing has not been featured in any of Tom's videos since Legacy began. Tom has stated multiple times in updates that he has ruined "a few really good relationships", with Bing's being a possible one. Neither have had interaction on Twitter for a little over a year.