Christmas Visitor is a short Christmas Special released in December 10, 2006. It features Edd getting a surprise visitor during Christmas.


Edd is sitting on the couch in living room with a glass of milk. He hears the doorbell and goes over to check it. He looks through the peep hole and sees a mysterious shape. He cancels out Tom,Tord, and Matt as the visitor and settles on Santa being the visitor. He opens the door and drops his glass of milk in surprise. His body turns white as he stares at the Grim Reaper. He slams the door shut and runs to the kitchen. The Grim Reaper punches through the door and opens it. He then glides through the living room, turning the Christmas Tree black in the process. He reaches the kitchen and heads toward Edd. Edd starts throwing various Christmas food, hoping that it would stop him. The Grim Reaper comes right up to Edd who is shaking in fear. Edd then throws gravy at the Grim Reaper as his last resort. To Edd's surprise, the Grim Reaper replies, saying that gravy was his only weakness. He opens up a hole to the underworld and descends. Edd stares at the spot where the Grim Reaper left. The hole opens again and Death's arm pops out, stealing Edd's turkey and then going back in. Edd has a shocked look on his face.


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  • In the intro, Edd puts a top hat on a snowman and leaves. Two snowballs then hit the snowman, making it look like it has breasts.
  • This is the shortest Christmas Special.
  • The only character who talks is the Grim Reaper.
  • This was a metaphor of Edd getting cancer, since it was made the year he first got it and how he was "fighting death"

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