Christmas Eddventure


Release date

18 December 2015
Credits • Brandon Turner (animator)
Tim Hautekiet (Edd)
• Thomas Ridgewell (Tom)
Matt Hargreaves (Matt)
Josh Tomar (Santa Claus)
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Trick or Threat

Christmas Eddventure is an Eddsworld Christmas short, animated by Brandon "Wazzaldorp" Turner, and was released on 18 December 2015.

It was anounced during the Eddsworld: Legacy update video


Tim Hautekiet as Edd

Matt Hargreaves as Matt, Matt's Grandma

Thomas Ridgewell as Tom, The Elves, The Penguins

Josh Tomar as Santa Claus, Zanta Claws, General Noot Noot

Elliot Gough as The Ghost of Christmas Past

Todd Bryanton as The Snowman


The short begins with Matt and Edd sitting on the couch watching TV (presumably on Christmas) when suddenly there is a knock on the door. They opened the door, revealing a scuffed-up Santa Claus who tells them that penguins have invaded the North Pole and only they could save Christmas. Tom the proceeds to slam the door on him before he is attacked by the Penguins.

Then Zanta Claws rises from his grave and begins to tell his plan to ruin Christmas before Tom stomps him back into it and covers him with an arm chair.

Many other Christmas-themed chracters appear (including The Ghost of Christmas Past, Santa's Elves and Edd's Snowman from The Snogre) and try to recruit the guys to go on different holiday adventures but are all thrown out or destroyed by Tom before they can finish talking.

Finally, Matt's Grandma calls Matt and, before she can finish, Tom cuts the phone line.

Matt, finally fed up with Tom, asks him why he doesn't want them to go on any Christmas adventures. Tom then reveals that he has made Christmas dinner and wants to spend this Christmas together as friends.

Edd then comments that he thought Tom hated Christmas, Tom stammers before the real Tom (bruised and beaten) breaks out of the cabinet and tells them that it's not really him but one of the penguins in disguise, but then the penguins jump out of the feast and attack Edd and Matt.

Tom tells his impostor that he "won't get away with this", before the Penguin takes off his costume and replies "We already have!", as Tom starts screaming in terror.


Christmas Eddventure/transcript


  • Though intentional or not, this short was released the same day as the long awaited Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
  • This is the third (and possibly last) appearance of Matt's Grandma, the first was in Xmas Day, and second in Hammer & Fail. This is also the first time she has had a voice.
  • The official Eddsworld twitter posted that fans could come up with the name for this Eddisode as the name they had chosen, Christmas Eddventure, wasn't very good. They later said none of the given names fit so they were just going to go with their original title.
    • The Youtube description evens states: "We couldn’t think of a better name for this eddisode."
  • Tom captures the Ghost of Christmas pasts through suck in him with a vacuum, this is likely a reference to the video game Luigi's Mansion and the Poltergust 3000 Luigi uses to suck in and capture ghosts. Additionally, the design of the vacuum Tom uses is similar to the Poltergust 3000.
  • In episode "Snowbody", what was released in december 2005, is metioned that Edd is 17 years old. So if we assume that the episode is chronological and that it corresponds to the time it was released, Edd is exactly 27 years old in this episode.

Easter Eggs

  • Matt's personalized Christmas ornaments from Zanta Claws III appear on the Christmas tree.
  • Tomee Bear appears sitting on the couch with Edd and Matt as they watch TV.
  • More picture cameos:
    • The Snogre, when Edd answers the door.
    • Brandon Turner (The animator), when Edd and Tom leave the door.
    • Edd in costume from PowerEdd, when Tom pushes the chair over Zanta's grave.
    • Diwi, when The Ghost of Christmas past appears.
    • Balloon Head Fred, when Edd's snowman arrives.
    • The Microsoft Paint rendition of Paul, when Matt answers the phone.

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