Christmas Eddventure


Release date

18 December 2015
Credits • Brandon Turner (animator)
Tim Hautekiet (Edd)
• Thomas Ridgewell (Tom)
Matt Hargreaves (Matt, Matt's Grandma)
Josh Tomar (Santa Claus)
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Christmas Eddventure is an Eddsworld Legacy animation, animated by Brandon "Wazzaldorp" Turner, and was uploaded to YouTube on 18 December 2015.

It was anounced during the Eddsworld: Legacy update video


Edd and Matt are watching TV when the doorbell rings. Edd opens the door, revealing a scuffed-up Santa Claus. He tells the gang that penguins have invaded the North Pole and needs their help to save Christmas. Tom slams the door on Santa and the penguins attack him.

Zanta Claws rises from his grave and announces his return. Before he could say anything else, Tom stomps him back into his grave and covers him with an armchair.

Many other Christmas-themed characters enter the house, but Tom immediately disposes of them; he vacuums the Ghost of Christmas Past, throws the Snowman into the fireplace, and bags the elves and throws them into the pool.

Matt's Grandma calls Matt and tells him that she's on her way to visit him, but doesn't know how to fly. Tom cuts the phone line and the airplane crashes in the background.

Matt, finally fed up with Tom, asks him why he doesn't want them to go on any Christmas adventures. Tom reveals that he has made Christmas dinner and wants to spend this Christmas together as friends.

A confused Edd comments that he thought that Tom hated Christmas. Just then, the real Tom, tied up and beaten, breaks out of the cabinet and alerts the gang about the penguins. The impostor Tom tells the penguins that their cover was blown, and the penguins jump out of the dinner and attack the gang. The impostor Tom then removes his disguise, revealing a penguin piloting a human-sized mech.


(Christmas Eddsworld theme plays but it's followed by Snowflakes, after the intro Edd and Matt are sitting on the couch, then the doorbell rings and they open the door, revealing Santa Claus as Edd gasps)
Edd: Santa Claus!
Santa Claus: Boys! The North Pole has been invaded by.. penguins!! I need your help to save Christmas!
(Tom slams the door)
Tom: Nope.
Edd: Aww.
(The scene cuts back to the door)
Santa Claus: Oh no they've found me!
(Penguins beaks break through the door, while the penguins are making noises then the scene cuts to Zanta's grave with Zanta Claws crawling out.)
Matt: Oh no! It's Zanta Claws!
Zanta Claws: Yes! I'm back! AND THIS TIME I WILL FINALLY-
Tom: Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Noooo!
(Tom moves the sofa to where Zanta Claws crawled out while The Ghost of Christmas Past appears.)
The Ghost of Christmas Past: It is me! The Ghost of Christmas Past! and I'm here to teach you a lesson abo-
(Tom uses a vacuum cleaner similar to Luigi's Poltergust 3000 to suck up The Ghost of Christmas Past.) Tom: Noooo!
Magical Snowman: Hey guys! Let's go on a magical musical adventure! Magical Snowmaa-
(Tom shovels Magical Snowman into the fireplace as Magical Snowman screams in pain while he melts.)
(It cuts to the Elves)
Elves: Hey boys! We elves are going on strike! So we ain't building no more toys until a-
(Tom captures the Elves in a bag and throws them into the ocean. The phone rings and Matt picks it up and answers.)
Matt: Hello?
(It cuts to Matt's Grandma.)
Matt's Grandma: Matt? It's your grandma. I'm on a plane to visit you.
(It zooms away from Matt's Grandma to reveal she is piloting the plane.)
Matt's Grandma: BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLY!!!
(It cuts back to Matt while Tom cuts the wire.)
Matt: Hellooo?
(The plane is seen crashing into the ground and exploding.)
Matt: Tom...Why won't you let us go on any magical Christmas adventures?!
(It cuts to Tom looking behind)
Tom: Oh, you wanna know why? Heheh!
(Tom turns around)
Tom: You wanna know WHY?!
(It shows that Tom made dinner while a Tadaa similar sound plays) Tom: 'Cause I made dinner.
Matt: Ag- Oh.
Tom: Just once I thought we could enjoy Christmas. A real Christmas. No distractions. No adventures. Just us. Good human friends.
Edd: But I thought you hated Christmas.
Tom: Err-
(The real Tom breaks out of the cabinet, looking beat up)
Tom (Imposter): They're onto us.
(The Penguins come out and attack Edd and Matt)
Tom: You'll never get away with this!!
Tom (Imposter): Oh...
(The penguin takes off his Tom costume.)
General Noot Noot: We already have.
(The video ends)


  • Tom captures the Ghost of Christmas pasts through suck in him with a vacuum, this is likely a reference to the video game Luigi's Mansion and the Poltergust 3000 Luigi uses to suck in and capture ghosts. Additionally, the design of the vacuum Tom uses is similar to the Poltergust 3000.

Easter Eggs

  • Matt's personalized Christmas ornaments from Zanta Claws III appear on the Christmas tree.
  • Tomee Bear appears sitting on the couch with Edd and Matt as they watch TV.
  • More picture cameos:
    • The Snogre, when Edd answers the door.
    • Brandon Turner (The animator), when Edd and Tom leave the door.
    • Edd in costume from PowerEdd, when Tom pushes the chair over Zanta's grave.
    • Diwi, when The Ghost of Christmas past appears.
    • Balloon Head Fred, when Edd's snowman arrives.
    • The Microsoft Paint rendition of Paul, when Matt answers the phone.