Main Characters

Image Name Voiced By First Apperance Age
Ehhhd Edd

Edd Gould (2004 - 2012)

Tim Hautekiet (2012 - present)

Edd Again 26
Edd is the main protagonist of Eddsworld, and is known to be the leader of the group. He wears a green hoodie, and is known for his Coca-Cola addiction. In Behind the scenes of Eddsworld, Edd was shown as a work addict, but he has possibly gotten over it. Usually while indoors, he wears a white t-shirt which says "Smeg Head". He is shown to hate Tom's schemes and shows kindness to his friends...most of the times. He also dislikes Matt's vain and conceded ways. He is also shown to be mischievous and to show some self-praising. In earlier episodes, Edd had a higher voice, unlike the other characters.
Tom Tom

Edd Gould (2004)

Alex Labbe (2004 - 2005)

Tom Ridgewell (2005 - present)

When the Best of the Worst Collide 23
Tom is the deuteragonist of the show, and is known for his lack of eyes, large spiky hair, which he calls Steve (as revealed in Moving Targets), and his hatred for Christmas, due to him being a Jehovah's witness. He wears a blue hoodie and says "Holy _____ in a _____!" when surprised. He also had some disagreements with Tord. He is addicted to Smirnoff, and he hates receiving Diet Smirnoff. Tom is also shown to have some skills in playing his bass guitar, which he named Susan, as seen in Zanta Claws III. In 2004-2006, Tom had a unibrow, but he had circles for eyes when surprised.
Matt Matt Matt Hargreaves Edd Again 25
Matt is the tritagonist, and is shown to be conceded, greedy, and vain. He wears a purple hoodie under a green overcoat. He is also known to slightly dislike Tord and to like to wear pirate hats, as revealed in Ruined. He always is bitten by some type of monster, such as a zombeh (Zombeh Attack), and a vampire (Matt Sucks). Edd and Tom hate Matt's vain ways, much to his dismay. In earlier episodes, Matt wore a black hoodie under his overcoat until his purple hoodie was given to him for Christmas in Zanta Claws, and his hairstyle was slightly different.
Tord Tord

Alex Labbé 2004-2005 Tord Larsson 2005-2008 Jamie spicer Lewis 2016

Eddsworld Christmas '04 25
Tord is the quadrotagonist, and is known for his guns and hentai addiction, disagreements with Tom, and to be the only non-British one in the group (he's Norwegian). He wears a red hoodie. Edd seemed to like Tord the most, because he doesn't complain if he's stuck with him or call him bad names. Tord Larsson left Eddsworld in 2008, and Tord made a cameo in 25ft under the seat to show his departure. He also made a cameo in WTFuture in the past. In the earlier episodes, Tord wore a black jacket. Tord may make a cameo appearance in Fun Dead or later, but will no longer be part of Eddsworld.

Recurring characters

These are characters that appeared in some episodes and have short roles.


Paul is a reccuring character that appears in a few episodes, such as Moving Targets. He is an animator. Paul is dutch, he is shown to be very sarcastic in a few episodes. After Edd died, he has taken over the animations in a style that is a cross of Edd's style and Paul's style. More info here.


Hellucard is famous for saying his line "'Ey Hed!". He was killed by Future Edd in WTFuture. Until he returned on Space Face


Diwi is a German actor that appeared in several episodes, sometimes he gets crazy words like in MovieMakers.

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