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Boris Grishenko Trailer
Boris grishenko title

Boris Grishenko - Russian Man of Mystery

Created by

Edd Gould

Voiced by

Tom Ridgewell
Tord Larsson

This is a trailer created by Edd, Tom and Tord for an idea for a film starring Boris Grishenko, a character from the James Bond film, Goldeneye. In the trailer, Grishenko is voiced by Tord. It is meant to be a parody of an Austin Powers film. It should be noted that at the end of the trailer it says "Not coming soon!" If you roll your mouse over the head when it's ready, it says "boris". The preloader shows Boris Grishenko attacking a computer.


The trailer begins with a voiceover, explaining that MI6 agent, James Bond, had been assassinated at 21:00 hours during a mission to East Russia. MI6 needed an agent to finish James Bond's mission. Somebody who could speak fluent Russian and is a skilled computer hacker. MI6 needed to unfreeze Boris Grishenko!

The footage of the film begins with Boris being unfrozen then shouting his catchphrase, "I am Invincible!". Later Edd says "One penis enlarger" which then skips to a clip of him trying to convince his angered girlfriend Natalia, that it isn't his (a reference to Austin Powers,). The trailer then goes to a clip of him trying to unsuccessfully trying to flirt with two women and finally shows him performing his signature pen spinning technique. The trailer ends with Boris jumping up into the sky and saying "Boris Grishenko - Russian Man of Mystery" then saying "Not coming soon, slugheads!"

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