Boris Grishenko is originally from the James Bond film, Goldeneye, he was frozen by liquid nitrogen at the end of the film. He now stars in a new film with him as the main character, Boris Grishenko - Russian Man of Mystery. The trailer for the film has been released but the film is noted as 'Not Coming soon.' He is well known for shouting the phrase "I am Invincible!" The film is a spoof of Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery by the Russian made penis enlarger instead of the Swedish made penis enlarger, and the male gender symbol appearing frequently.


MI6 needed an agent who can speak fluent russian and is an expert computer hacker, so they unfroze Boris with a de-freezing device. The only released footage of Boris is of him unsuccesfully trying to flirt with some women, finding a russian made penis enlarger in a lab, then trying to convince Nathalia that it isnt his, doing his signiture pen pressing technique and yelling his catchfrase, "I am Invincible!"

Boris also appeared briefly in level 2 of Bang, Boom, Splat!.

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