• SunnyStars

    Monster Tom

    July 25, 2017 by SunnyStars

    Ok, So monster Tom is seen only (to my knowledge, I haven't seen all of the episodes) in PowerEdd. I literally have no idea what is going on there, all I know is that Tom suddenly is a monster. I was wondering if there was any explanation not said in the show?

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  • Kashimiya328

    Just testing how this Blog thing works.

    As one of the few Japanese Eddhead I'm currently contributing on the translation so that Japanese people can know about Eddsworld more easily. Someone please help with the puns it's killing us Japanese translators

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  • CjKawaii2543

    Hello Eddheads! I don't think this post will do very well, but I'm spreading the word! NO CREEPYPASTA REFERENCES NO GOD IT BURNS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

    But anyway

    My friends and I have created... 


    So, the month is August (because that's Matt's birth month) and here's why we're doing it!

    Matt has been so helpful to Eddsworld! He's done voices, animation, comics... Matt has helped create the awesomeness that IS Eddsworld! 

    Without Matt, we wouldn't have the comics, some of the animation, or Matt in general! Matt is just so helpful and far too underrated.

    Matt stands alone now, my friends! Tom left, Edd died, Tord left, Pau left (why I call him Pau is for a different posT), Pat left (again, different post), so Matt stands …

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  • ArizonaAnt

    oh wow its a blog

    May 7, 2017 by ArizonaAnt

    i didn't know this feature exists.. hi!

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  • Mlg rainbowkittenz

    wait wut

    March 11, 2017 by Mlg rainbowkittenz

    guyz guyz guyz

    because Dazeem is a "male" in the gender swap universe

    then what does he look like in the normal one


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  • Doomes.desean
    1. Edd (2003)
    2. Edd Again (2004)
    3. Eddsworld Halloween Special (10/31/04)
    4. Eddsworld Christmas Special (12/25/04)
    5. Zombeh Attack (2005)
    6. The Dudette Next Door (2005)
    7. Eddsworld Christmas Special (12/25/05)
    8. Tord's Adventure (3/18/06)
    9. Zombeh Attack 2 (5/3/07)
    10. Zombeh Nation (11/12/06)
    11. Breakfast (12/6/06)
    12. Christmas Visitor (12/15/06)
    13. Hello Hellhole (1/25/07)
    14. This World of Edd (3/2/07)
    15. Ruined (9/2/07)
    16. Halloween Special (11/2/07)
    17. Zanta Claws (12/21/07)
    18. Spares (5/16/08)
    19. Moving Targets (7/2/08)
    20. 25ft Under the Seat (9/28/08)
    21. Matt Sucks (10/29/08)
    22. Zanta Claws 2 (12/18/08)
    23. MovieMakers (4/19/09)
    24. Xmas Day (12/20/09)
    25. WTFuture (2/13/10)
    26. Hammer and Fail (9/10/10)
    27. Zanta Claws 3 (12/22/10)
    28. Hammer and Fail 2 (7/23/11)
    29. Space Face (6/2/12)
    30. Date Night (9/12/12)
    31. Space Face 2 (11/26/12) [EDDSWORLDDDDDDD…
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  • Doomes.desean

    This transcript is...

    Edd: So...where's the cereal?

    Tord: I ate it.

    Edd: Really?!

    Tord: YES!!!

    Matt: I bought cereal!

    Edd: What is that?

    Tom: Holy objects in a jar!

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  • Nat García

    Hi here! This is just a theory made by me, which is that is possible that WTFuture was the remake of Dawn Of The Edd, with Future Edd being the replacement of the Edd clones.

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  • GlambertGirl84

    Does anyone know how did one of the Edd clones end up naked after being cloned but as the only one is not wearing his clothes like the other ones usually are in the episode "Spares" since I have no idea about it?

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  • Jevron L Freeman

    • When Edd thinks of Super Edd, he also thinks of a pink, giant, ape creature on a sky scraper, that is then punched by Super Edd. The big ape creature is a reference to King Kong .
    • When Edd goes onto the bus, he is seen reading a MAD magazine.
    • When Matt is seen in front of the shop, he sees a Matt-Doll. This is then seen in later episodes.
    • The shelf that is full of Spider-man dolls is labeled, "Spider-Edd.'
    • Ringo makes his first appearance in this eddisode as he is first seen standing up on the glass door.

    • Guest characters, like Bob, Bendee, Ell, Andy, w00dy, Mental Joe, and Dr. Decapi  makes their appearances in this eddisode 
    • Tom is shown shooting the Ku Klux Klan with an AK-47 loaded with coal.

    • The sound that plays when Tord laughs when Edd is …

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  • BluJayPJ

    Hey Guys

    June 1, 2016 by BluJayPJ

    If you known me as a blocked wiki user Gunkiller666 you maybe one of the lucky ones here... now listen.... I used to recolour eddsworld stuff without permission on the eddsworld wiki back in 2012 (i was only 9, i'm now 13), i didn't know, i was only 9 and immature and here we are now 4 years later (doesn't seem that long 😂) and we know that was in the past and that shit should stay there and thats all i want so say ~ BluJayPJ

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  • Flowerprincetom


    May 12, 2016 by Flowerprincetom

    why do i have to be here 

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  • ThatMinecrafterDJ

    I reanimated the That's a Shark! video since because I'm really bored (And I have no Idea why did I went here).

    Congratulations Eddsworld for reaching 1,000,000 Eddscribers!


    Reanimated by: Juan Gabriel *DeeJay* Tagle: (

    Credits Music by: Electric Joy Ride (

    Featuring the voice of: Edd Gould (

    Cameos: Scribble Masterer ( 202 Tom ( MudBall (

    Original Animation by: BillyBCreations (

    Original …

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  • Maxyy3

    Paul leaving

    March 18, 2016 by Maxyy3

    Paul was one of the best animators for Eddsworld, it's sad to hear that The End was his last eddisode.

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  • FPFP111


    March 17, 2016 by FPFP111

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  • FrostyBunchBlitz

    the name for the end should have been called Endsworld :(

    its makes more sense dont u agree

    tell me what u think

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  • FrostyBunchBlitz

    ok, so it is clear to me dat some of the edd's world crew is having there pages spamed with fallse imformation. like kreid and pearl (i think he's on the bumming crew as well). but its also shown that they are fine with the changes made on the page. so if you'd all just listen to me, you should leave the changes alone because its what the crew wants

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  • Cool christian14

    hey eddheads my name is christian and i recently got through watching the newly made eddsworld documentery on dark squidges channel and at one point they mentioned something about the scruffy looking army dude that was in the begginging of the snoger and his partner they said that theres a bigger story but there is something i noticed two of his appearences revolve around tord in the beggining of the snoger on the plane is part a mark that resembles part of tords hair and in fun dead there on the tv fighting zombehs but theres a siloeht of... tord and back to the snoger when they were jumping out of the plane theres a 3rd person presumably tord now what does this mean and the even stranger thing thats not the army guys only appearence i've…

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  • FrostyBunchBlitz

    What does any of this even have to do with anything lmfao

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  • Skulliboy

    WIP Edd tribute

    March 14, 2016 by Skulliboy

    I am making a pixel tribute to Edd, by making any official form of him in pixel art.

    Probably wont, but I want to finish it by the release of The End part 2, I made 3 yesterday and started on 4th, finished the 4th today.

    So I will be doing Edd 2004 - 2012, Paul 2012 - 2016 and any other forms that are draw by people like Tobias Knitt and Brandon Turner.

    I still got lots more to do, so enjoy the album as I update it.

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    OK, so here is my theory for the end part 2, it probably won't be true but here goes nothing, hope ya enjoy.

    • Jon dies- Eduardo says "I wish you were dead" to him during the episode, the description for the YouTube video and the poster says "Be careful what you wish for..."
    • Tord is an impostor, I'm mostly talking about the weird shapeshifting in the episode.
    • The poster with what seems to be a dead Tom is a red herring and is actually Jon (see theory 1)
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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    Is It?

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  • Draakoi

    Helping The Wiki

    February 2, 2016 by Draakoi

    Hi, My Username is Draakoi and I'm helping out the Eddsworld Wiki by giving it a clean up.

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  • Weegeetnik

    Mine is Tom, particularly about the personality : we both are very sane, bear the same expression most of the time, and I also like his sarcasm.

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  • Imboredlol

    Tickle or Threat

    October 24, 2015 by Imboredlol

    Trick or Threat

    Release date

    October 23, 2015

    Watch it on YouTube

    Watch on YouPorn
    Credits • My Cock
    Episode guide

    The Big Suck a Dickng Next

    Trick or Threat is an Eddsworld Halloween short, animated by GemmaDelSud, Andrea Diprè, and Peppe Fetish, It was released on September 11, 2001. This episode was made entirely in secret, until it was revealed on Eddsworld's official Twitter page. It features an original song sung by Tord Larsson.

    Late at night, on Halloween

    Tom and Matt were fast asleep

    While Edd watched TV and ate some sweets

    A girl knocked and said "Trick or Treat!"

    Edd slammed the door and took a seat

    But suddenly, the girl was on the screen

    The lights flickered, this wasn't a dream

    She leapt at him and he screamed! (Edd: Aaagh!)


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  • JokersWild1708

    I feel special

    August 28, 2015 by JokersWild1708

    I think I'm doing good. Only 4 days and I've made edits here when most needed. I'm gonna continue as a thank you to Edd.

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  • Toxictown


    July 23, 2015 by Toxictown

    Saloonatics will be a prequel to Eddsworld, showing how all the guys ancestors met. Tord will appear because the nuclear waste from the Snogre sent him back in time.

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    What is your favourite eddsworld episode? 

    Mine is Moving Targets.

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    james beck

    May 23, 2015 by J.BSWORLD
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  • Miluk

    It's confirmed for Tord to come back soon (in Saloonatics or later in The End) but we can't be sure why. We know that Tord Larsson wouldn't return to show, but he propably will be replaced like Edd Gould after his sad death. (We'll miss you!) Tom said that Tord propably turn into antagonist (The Red Leader). My theory is that Tord is Paul and Patryk's captain or leader that appeared in several eddisodes. In The Snogre, the plane has his logo and the signature "N0RSKI" on it, because he was the leader and a third person. Also, in Fun Dead his shadow was seen as a soldier in the background in ZNN news.

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  • Somecoolkid97

    Those of you who don't go to youtube or the wiki very much, but go to the blog alot has to hear this. in March of 2014, the Zombeh Attack 1 was removed, we are not sure why this video got removed but, there are other videos out there showing Eddsworld Zombeh Attack, just be lucky they recorded the video before it was removed!

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  • Superluigi6

    Tom just posted an update to his Tumblr page on what's going on with Eddsworld. You can read it here.

    Just a little update to Eddsworld. I’m sorry it’s not to exciting but here goes! 1) Matt has been powering through the unsent Legacy merch. He’s sent everything we had in stock and soon we’ll be formally asking everyone who got lost in the system what they’re missing (along with a big fat “I’m sorry” and the offer of a refund). 2) Kried is busy animating “PowerEdd” like a stud. 3) ElliotExplicit is helping us out to put the soundscapes together. We have 3 upcoming Eddisodes fully scripted and recorded and waiting to be compiled and animated. 4) Eddie and I are half way though writing “The End” which will be the final instalment of the Legac…

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  • HowADerpDerp


    July 7, 2014 by HowADerpDerp


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  • Ffion Gonzales

    Just watched Jurassic Park 1-3, so I thought "Hey, what would it be like if Tom, Edd & Matt went to Jurassic Park?"....

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  • Ffion Gonzales

    Hi all,

    Ffion here. Just posted a picture I knocked up of Tom from Eddsworld.

    I'm currently working on my first Eddsworld animated cartoon. It takes ages to draw, so much respect to Edd for his work.

    Still, Eddsworld is my favourite cartoon of all time, (cheers guys!) so it's a labour of love. Back to work!


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  • Chakatan

    Poll : Help :D

    March 4, 2014 by Chakatan
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  • Minecraft Creeper

    In Hello Hellhole, tom had to go through a door that said Jehovah's Witness.

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  • Kjjb

    Just read the twitter! My gosh!

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  • Tylerandkaiteinc

    About me

    February 17, 2014 by Tylerandkaiteinc

    Now Here is some about me

    1. I am a fan of Eddsword

    2. Habitat : Likes Interesting Pictures And Gets 48 subscribers on youtube

    3. I Make Powerpuff girls on DeviantART Username : Tylerandkatieinclove

    4. When does Fun Dead come out? :p

    5. Plays Walking Dead Game season 1

    6. And my fav people : Eddsworld, Pewdiepie, Crytoaic - idk if i spell it right Tobuscus

    7. Likes myself

    THERE :p

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  • Gopher dude 11

    The End

    February 13, 2014 by Gopher dude 11

    How come The End is called The End. I hope the siries dosen't end.

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  • Chakatan

    Totally Useless Blog

    February 6, 2014 by Chakatan

    Yep its Totally Useless..No Point Being Here..Hehe...Hey Nice Shirt Your Wearing... :| Umm...You do know Your Just Wasting your Time By Reading This Pointless Blog...If you Dont im Just Telling You...Ehhhh...Maybe you should go Now This Blog Is Totally Useless...Just Go!...Nah dont im Kinda Lonely Here..Im Jk im Not EVEN REAL IM A GOOSE..I mean Ghost *coughs* So How was your Day :3? Im Intrested Really...Since you Just Waited half of your time Reading this..I Might Aswell ask You A Question AMIRITE?..No? I Just Ate A Potato! :| What do you mean you dont Care? Pff Fine...Just Get outta Here! Ok ok..Im Gonna Flat out Ignore You...

    WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!? Just Go Plz...Tenk You :3

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  • SuperMKerwan

    Seriously this wiki constantly has monkies adding useless pages and add fanon pages on this wiki, if you want to add your Eddsworld fan ficton then make a Eddsworld fanon wiki. Also idiots who have been making a big mess on this wiki adding pages such as "TORD IS COMING BACK" or "EDDSWORLD ROBOT CHICKEN". There needs to me more mods on this wiki and some pages have to be locked up for non modders.

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  • Niceshadowfan88

    I've currently got caughten up in school. Currently learning The Articles of Confederation in Social Studies.

    Why do we need fluency? Heh,I don't even know.

    Next Topic: Animation.

    I'm trying to get an animation program WITHOUT it having to be downloaded.

    Anyone know a great help or actual program? 

    Cause I've been a artist for my whole life and i want to start being an animator.

    I only have experience in COMPUTER Art programs ONLY. So no tablet program or anything.


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  • Skittlesman1

    We here on the Eddsworld Wiki are glad to see new people helping with this Wiki. I have a few minor things I want to make clear that will better improve this Wiki. Please provide edit summaries, Please do not create spam pages or useless pages, and please do not grief other pages. Also, try to capitalize and use proper grammer.

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  • Skittlesman1
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  • AlexisRamir1

    fudge you cancer

    July 1, 2013 by AlexisRamir1

    The reason i call this blog fudge you cancer is because cancer killed my the awesome guy called Edd i feel bad for edd

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  • Uberaloaf123

    Moo goes the train

    June 15, 2013 by Uberaloaf123

    Moo goes the train,moomoomoo

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    Here Are The TQ2 Questions:

    1. In EDDSWORLD: What Was Toms Eyes Were In Classic Tom? (A. Line B. Normal C. Normal, But Eyes Are Just Black.)
    2. How Was Matt A Zombie In Eddsworld ZOMBEH ATTACK?
    3. What Was The Year When Edd Gould Died?
    4. What Name Has The Most Letters In Eddsworld? A: TOM B: EDD C: MATT
    5. Do I Make Fanart?
    6. What Was The Video BEFORE Fun Dead?
    7. What Was The KICKSTARTER Project Name For Eddsworld?
    8. Name This Video: 
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    The Quiz 2!

    June 5, 2013 by EDDSWORLDSTICKY

    Has in a year, EDDSWORLDSTICKY Started, He made a quiz and it was not great, 3 questions... But today, A New generations of a quiz is here, THE QUIZ 2! Features:

    1. More Questions
    2. 5 People Can Play
    3. Now On Blog
    4. Trivas Of Diffrent shows
    5. Admins Can Play
    6. Chat Spot (Only On Qoutes)
    7. Ask Me Questions

    7 Features! WOW! So to see it, Find The TQ2 Questions Blog Post

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  • Jonpaul11


    April 22, 2013 by Jonpaul11

    blog post

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