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Christopher Bingbong
"Do you know how many monkeys I had to tape together to make that monster? Many!"
Name: Christopher Bingbong
First Appearance: Tom's Tales of Brilliance (Prototype)
Last Appearance: The End (Part 2)
Voice Actor: Christopher Bingham

Christopher "Bing" Bingbong, or The Evil Director, as he is more well known as, is a recurring character in the Eddsworld series. He has appeared in a number of Eddsworld eddisodes, most prominently in Spares where he is a semi-antagonist. He is based off and voiced by friend of the show and fellow internet personality Christopher Bingham.

Evil Director's appearances


  • The first time the character was called by his real name Bing, was by real-life Matt during the Eddsworld episode of 'Heroes of Animation'. (An internet documentary show Bing's real life counterpart hosts.)


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