Bike Skills is a animation, but on Edd Gould's University account Eddomation, created for his animation course. It follows Edd Gould and his friend Sam riding their bikes and taking some dangerous risks. It was released Jan. 16, 2011.


Edd Gould is with his friend Sam, the first time Edd has been to Sam's house. Sam suggests they should go and get a film across town, which involves cycling to get there. However, on the way they have to bike over a mammoth bridge going across the motorway which results in Edd rushing, flying off his bike, hitting the sidewalk and grazing his face.


  • You can hear Tom laughing throughout parts of the video.
  • This is on his YouTube account Eddomation.
  • The backdrop for the video was created with watercolours.
  • This is the first time Edd has narrated a video.


Bike Skills

Bike Skills

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