Bendee Stick is a character created by Edd Gould.

Bendee stars in six animations, each involving him stopping Dr. Decapi. He also starred in a flash game, and made appearances in Edd Again and Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004.

In The End, Bendee is referred to by Dr. Decapi from the television and also appears on a box in the same shot.


  • According to The Eddsworld Legacy documentary, Bendee is actually Edd after a freak accident involving nuclear waste.
  • Bendee closely resembles the Boxmas Bot.
  • Bendee was featured in a very early flash called "Bendee Stick vs. Spiderman".
  • The drawing in Hello Hellhole's preloader resembles Bendee as a demon.
  • There is a reference to him in Zombeh Nation, when a poster on the wall of the subway says "when you're good, you're me" with a picture of Edd underneath.
  • There's a decal of Bendee on a box to the right of the screen in Edd's apartment at the end of The End
  • Bendee killed Loud Bob in the 2004 Christmas Special, after the latter wouldn't stop shouting.