Bendee Stick was one of the first characters in Edd's flashes, although he makes no open appearances today. He was a stickman character; Edd had begun to draw him with more "body", so to speak, before seemingly ending Bendee altogether and sticking with the full-bodied human characters.

Bendee's Appearances

Bendee has appeared in a number of flashes on Eddsworld, but only two of these flashes are posted on the Eddsworld website; the rest are on his Newgrounds account. He has appeared in the Bendee series, with 9 movies overall, usually involving him stopping the evil Dr. Decapi. He also had two birthday flashes, a flash game, and made appearances in Edd Again and Eddsworld Christmas Special 2004 (this being his final appearance). Near the beginning of 2005, Edd decided to give up on Bendee and focus on the four characters based upon him and his friends.

In The End, Bendee is referred to by Dr. Decapi from the television and also appears on a box in the same shot.


  • Bendee is actually Edd after a freak accident involving nuclear waste, according to The Eddsworld Legacy documentary.
  • "Bendee 8" of the Bendee series is a parody of the Legend of Zelda games.
  • Bendee closely resembles the Boxmas Bot.
  • The last Bendee flash that he was in was "Bendee's Second Birthday" (known on Newgrounds as "Bendee's 2nd Party").
  • Bendee was featured in a very early flash called "Bendee Stick vs. Spiderman".
  • The drawing in Hello Hellhole's preloader resembles Bendee as a demon.
  • Only "Bendee 7" and "This is Halloween" are available on Edd's website.
  • On Edd's Newgrounds account, Bendee 1, 2, 3 and 6 are missing.
  • There is a reference to him in Zombeh Nation, when a poster on the wall of the subway says "when you're good, you're me" with a picture of Edd underneath.
  • Although he doesn't physically appear in "The End", he is briefly mentioned by Dr. Decapi when Edd, Matt and Tom are watching a movie in Edd's apartment.
  • There's a decal of Bendee on a box to the right of the screen in Edd's apartment at the end of The End
  • Bendee killed Loud Bob in the 2004 Christmas Special, after the latter wouldn't stop shouting.
  • Newgrounds user InsomniacFilms is planning a fan revival of the Bendee series. The first episode will air sometime in Fall 2017.
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