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Behind the Scenes of Eddsworld, also known as Behind Eddsworld, is an early Eddsworld animation from 2005, in which Edd, Tom and Tord are interviewed for a documentary. All three characters in this video are voiced by their real-life counterparts, and the writing credit are also attributed to all the members of Eddsworld.

The animation is a spoof of 'Behind the Scenes' shows seen on television, one of the most well-known of these being 'Behind the Music'.

They each reveal their own addiction; Tom's tells us how his alcohol addiction led him to be fired from the production of 'The Dudette Next Door', Tord comes out with an addiction to hentai, and it is revealed Edd has a work addiction.

The early production date explains why the characters have more primitive designs compared to current cartoons, the most notable being the original unibrow design for Tom's character, and also why Matt does not make an appearance (he became a main character later on).

Although this animation is a spoof, Edd later said in a DeviantArt journal entry six years later that, during a period of time where Edd could not communicate with them, Tom and Tord discovered a dislike for each other, mirroring the dislike between them shown in this animation. Tord left the group after the completion of 'Moving Targets' in 2008

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