Bartender Todd was a bartender who resided in Spitbucket, USA in the late 1800s. He is the American ancestor of Tord.

Involvement in Saloonatics

He is the primary barkeep of the "A Good Place To Start Saloon". His first act in the Eddisode is to offer Edward Gold a bear as soon as he walks in until Edd (Gold's descendant) realizes it said beer (making it the actual offer). Later on, he explains to Sheriff Thompson (Tom's ancestor) that bandits had stolen the town's supply of whiskey. He then offers Edward a drink known as "co-lah", who happily accepts drink before speeding out of the bar in a sugar-induced craze.

It is believed sometime after that either he or his descendants would move to the Scandinavia area, leading to his descendant Tord hailing from the region.


  • Ironically, Todd was on friendly terms with Thompson, whereas their descendants, Tord and Tom, share a bitter frienemy between them.
  • His existence seemingly confirms Tord having some sort of American descent.

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