Art is Serious is a short made by Edd. It features Tom helping Edd to be more artistic.


Edd shows Tom the character sketch he was working on. Tom says it isn't going to work and that there should be be more angst in it. When Edd does what Tom said to do, Tom says the colours had to be changed. They flip through a bunch of colours before they decide to make the character green and brown. Edd puts a colourful, happy background for the character but Tom smacks him in the back of the head. Edd changes the background to a more darker one and they finally animate it.

The movie slowly zooms to a crying girl sitting near a tree. When a man asks her why she is crying, she replies but is interrupted by the credits. When the credits are done, she farts and the words "Fin" appear. Edd and Tom are then seen on the Newgrounds front page celebrating their movie making it to the top of the hottest movies list.


  • The program Edd uses to animate is called "That program I make flash with"
  • There is a window which says "quiet this is a library", a reference to the Library in Flash.
  • When the credits roll it says: "Written by Edd Directed by Tom animated by Edd, Drama by Edd angst by Tom colours are fun brown, yellow green yay this is not very subtle is it Apologies closing credits, inside a motion picture or television program, come at the end of a movie or show and list all the cast and crew involved in the production, they are usually shown on the screen in small characters, which either flip very quickly from page to page, or crawl from bottom to top of the screen, Credits which crawl either left to right or up and down are also known as rolling credits, which comes from pre-digital days when the names were literally on a roll of paper and wound past in front of the camera, increasingly, post credit scenes are boring added to the end of films."
  • In the background when Edd and Tom are on the front page of Newgrounds, there's something in the background that says "Meet'N'Fuck: Prison". In the YouTube version, it says "Meet'N'LOVE: Prison". This is probably because Edd wanted to avoid censorship.
  • When the camera zooms in on the girl, text that says 'angst' followed by 'drama' can be seen in its split second appearance.
  • While Edd is changing the girl's colour, she had orange hair, a purple sweater, and blue pants. It is a reference to Matt as he has orange hair, a purple hoodie, and blue pants.
  • While Tom and Edd are discussing the animation, they don't have mouths until the end.
  • When Edd and Tom are at the front page of Newgrounds, the music in the background is "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora.
  • Both versions of the girl appear in Fun Dead in the ASDFLand advertisement.

Watch the Video Here