Arin Hanson (aka Egoraptor)

Arin Hanson (Better known by his Youtube alias: Egoraptor) is an online animator known for making video game cartoons. He also co-stars with Danny Sexbang (Formerly Jon Jafari) on the popular online "Let's Play" Series: Game Grumps.

Relations with Eddsworld

Hanson has appeared as a voice actor in the eddisode WTFuture as Super-guy.

He was also one of the many who mourned Edd after his death, and he was one of the 6 to 7 animators who were intended to work on Space Face (Part 2) before the project was handed over to Paul ter Voorde.

Hanson, along with is Game Grumps co-star Dan Avidan, makes a cameo in a photo in the background of Trick or Threat. Moreover, this episode's animator, Brandon Turner, is known for making Game Grumps Animated videos.