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AmeriCAN'T is a fanmade Eddsworld web comic book released from December 2012 to January 2013. The entire book was written and drawn by deviantART user Marc Lovallo, and has received a positive reaction from several Eddheads. It is around seventeen pages long.


Edd finds in the mailbox that he and Matt won a contest called the "Super Duper Funky Bunch Sweepstakes". The prize that they receive is a free trip to America, which initially disinterests Tom, but he soon warms up to the idea after hearing of the various alcoholic drinks that are sold there.

When the guys get off the plane, they arrive in New York, where they proceed to take part in a "rampage montage". Edd and Matt deface the Statue of Liberty, and Tom burns down the Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree.

After their montage, the guys are approached by Special Agent Ossie Hernandez, a member of the NYPD, who almost immediately sends them to jail. Once locked up, Agent Hernandez tells the gang that anything they say can and will be used against them. The guys use that information to their advantage, and with this, they have him give Edd a Cola, call Matt handsome, and admit to being an idiot.

Agent Hernandez gets fed up with guarding them and storms off. Matt then suggests breaking the bars with his favorite mirror, but the mirror smashes and the glass shards fly into Tom's "eyes". Tom then uses Edd and Matt as a horse and carriage and, through the power of manipulation, breaks the trio out.

After a brief run-in with Tord, Edd, Matt, and Tom take a taxi cab to the airport and plan to get back home. But before they can do that they are approached by Sergeant Martin Walker, who threatens to take them back to the "American Police Department". The guys manage to get away from him, but accidentally end up in the cockpit of a plane that's taking off. Matt then accidentally releases gas into the plane and knocks out the pilots (who resemble the Mario Bros.), leaving Edd and Tom to try and fly the plane themselves.

Edd lets the passengers know that everything is going to be fine, but then realizes he was correct as he notices the plane is on autopilot. But before he knows it, Matt spills coffee on the autopilot causing it to short circuit and disable, sending it back into manual control. Matt then pulls a lever near the controls, ejecting the passengers out of the plane.

The plane soon crashes into Durdam Lane and throws the guys through the windshield. Edd then jokingly regrets ever showing love for the United States, and things turn out fine in the end. Then the two pilots from before wake up and are shocked at what happened to the plane. Tom swears in Italian and the story ends.




  • The letter that Edd receives in the mail reads: "If you live on 27 Dirdum Lane, we would just like to let you know that we have picked the winners of the Super Duper Funky Bunch Sweepstakes. Case and point... YOU WIN! By the way, Silvana Lucas, Aurora Lavarunner, Ashley Sakahara...".
  • Inside Edd's house is a Tomee Bear and a picture of Paul on the staircase.
  • The name of the plane that Edd, Tom and Matt take to get to America is part of "ASDF Airlines".
  • Tord makes a cameo appearance as the taxi driver who takes the gang to the airport.
  • The people who are on the plane Edd and the guys escape on include Paul, Eduardo, Mark, Jon, The "I Like Trains" Kid, Classic Tom (from 2004), Johnny from Bumming Crew, and the artist himself, Marc Lovallo.
  • Tom's Italian swearing at the end roughly translates to "F**king s**t, I hate my life."
  • Martin's bio states that he's 30, but acts like he's 12.
    • Ozzie's bio states that he's 29 and most likely gay.


  • The men piloting the plane heavily resemble Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. video games.
  • Three references to the 1980 disaster spoof movie Airplane! are made:
    • Ted Striker (the main character from the original film) can be seen sitting next to another passenger who has just hanged themselves. This references a scene in the movie when Ted tries to tell a story to a fellow passenger, but the latter hangs themselves from how terrible his story is.
    • Edd asking the passengers if any of them know how to fly a plane is taken right out of a scene where the stewardess on a crashing plane asks her passengers the same thing.
    • The character Dr. Barry Rumack enters the cockpit and wishes Edd and Tom good luck as the plane is plummeting towards Dirdum Lane. Rumack does the exact same thing to Ted Striker as he tries piloting the same crashing plane from the movie.


Marc Lovallo has recently announced that a non-direct sequel called White Mask Wasted was already in the works. It is to be more than double the size of AmeriCAN'T, and will have a much greater story, around thirty-nine pages long. However, its release date and production status are currently unknown.