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5 Questions

Edd answers questions for 1randomfatdude.

Created By

Edd Gould

Originally Aired

May 29, 2008

5 Questions is an animation Edd made as a response to 1randomfatdude's questions.


Question #1: Uh, this comes from personal experience, but have you ever been attacked by a coca-cola monster before?

  • Answer: Edd is shown wearing a T-shirt reading "I was raped by a coca-cola monster" No, I'm pretty sure I would remember being attacked by a GIANT coca-cola monster, It's, it's not one of those things I'd probably soon forget.

Question #2: I know Tom plays the bass, I know Bing plays the drums. Does that make you the lead singer?

  • Answer: If I had the guts to stand in stage, then, maybe. But I'm probably the guy in the corner playing KAZOO! (Edd then proceeds to play a short tune on the kazoo) But no, I don't really have any real musical, at all.

Question #3: Do you want to put me in one of your flash films?

  • Answer: No, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to do it anyway, seeing as this is YOUR 5 questions, I guess I'm going to have to anyway. It'd be something like this:

"Hi, I'm a random fat dude, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm called 1randomfatdude! Hehe, it's pretty funny, because I thought of the name all by myself while sitting at my computer one day, and, and, and yeah."

Edd then returns and states: "Well, that was an AMAZING cameo appearance by 1randomfatdude"

Question #4': If Donkey Kong, and Ben Folds got in a fight; who would win?

  • Answer: Well I haven't really heard very many of Ben Folds, well whatever, seeing as this is a FIGHT and not about musical talent, I think Donkey Kong would kick Ben Folds's arse, because, for one, he's about the size of two double decker buses!

Question #5: In your own opinion, how would you fend off a zombie hoard that has invaded your town?

  • Answer: Well you want something that's good for short range combat, which also doesn't need to be reloaded, something like a very big knife, or a fork!..Forks could come in handy. You could really, really do some damage with a fork!..ooh yeah, fork marks in your face, zombie....
  • Zombie: Ow.

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