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New Tord Photo

Hey, guys, I just found a new photo to add in the IRL Tord, Matt and Edd Gallery how do I put it in?
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Does anyone know why we can't comment on pages? I'm pretty confused.
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So about stuffs ín here they are Fake just Some of them! Like Tom hasn't got Eyes he has Eyes just black!
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Seriously if you bother someone so much to where they can’t even use there real name you should probably leave them alone...
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Help me with the article I'm planning on writing? :v

hey guys! I'm kind of new to Fandom Wiki, so I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot.
But I'm planning on writing an article about Louis, she's an old friend of Edd and I'm not sure on what to do exactly... I'm having trouble on putting a photo on the Charbox.
Louis is an Eddsworld Legacy Donator and she also personally knew Edd, and when I noticed she didn't have an article, I decided to write one about her :3
but kind of having trouble on editing and stuff, plz help?
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About all that stuff you've been deleteing

You've been deleting a lot of stuff, and some of its fine, but some things such as deleting crew members just because they've only had small roles is a bit confusing to me. Also I' unsure why you deleted the old blog "Tord coming back! - The Red Leader", yes the content is obsolete now, but it wasn't irrelevant subject matter, it was about the show, and it can be interpreted as a sign of the history of the wiki and debatably the show. IF you can explain to me why you've been doing this in a logical sound way I'd being willing to listen, and you might even get me on your side, but right now I'm a little confused. ~~~~
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